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DREAMS OF STONE with Art Curator Ed Marin

Stew, Ed Marin's dog

Stew, Ed Marin's dog

Soicher Marin Gallery, High Point Market, October 2017

Art plays a critical role in any great interior design.  My goal in looking for art, is to introduce interesting and unique pieces to my clients, with the hope that they will find a personal connection or better yet, be moved by it.  The most powerful art evokes thought or emotion within a person, the most interesting art tells a story.

Imagine our serendipitous timing when I happened to be admiring a new art collection in the Soicher Marin Gallery and Ed Marin, strolled in. He noticed my interest in the new collection, and proceeded to tell us the back story of his glorious find. 

One lovely summer a few years ago, he found himself in the South of France, searching for inspiration, and stumbled upon a set of Landscape Stones at a small art dealer’s shop.  A complete rarity, these stones, known as paesine, are actually 60 million year old chunks of polished marble made naturally from Eocene Limestone blocks.   Buried in shallow ground near riverbeds and imbued with their magnificent colors, these fragile stones require the care, and delicate hand of a master craftsman to extract, shape and polish them.  As Chief Art Director, Ed reveled in the beauty of these small stones, and was inspired to create replications of these unique works of nature for his gallery. 


These beautiful landscape stones are a wonderful example of Marin’s commitment to going out into the world, experiencing and being inspired by art, and then bringing his discoveries back to his clients.  Studying the pieces hanging in the gallery, with my enriched perspective, I was reminded once again that art is a personal and meaningful experience, especially when somehow you are connected to it.

Thanks for the education, Ed. It was a pleasure meeting you!